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Ghana Month: Tribal Avant-garde

2022 Ghana Month, was well acknowledged by many parents, participating in Ghanaian-oriented themes created by schools to Celebrate Ghana Month. It was so reassuring and refreshing to see parents commit such importance and energy to the themes just as I’d be seeing parents in the west do with their kids for Halloween.

Though my daughter #Myupgrade Mawuena Awoyo’s school are still observing covid19 protocols hence were not doing social Activities, I caught her staring “wishfully” at the other kids, So I just had to dress her up and document it, We all know how kids can be “Mummy never did this, did that for me” line, I hate it.

And ooo while shooting, Mawuena Awoyo Shouted: “Mummy wait look let’s add the tiara ok” So we did, I guess that makes her a co-creative director !!
God Win

Tribal avant-garde by Mawuena Awoyo

Tribal avant-garde by Mawuena Awoyo

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